17 / Jan2012

Adorei ! Vejam a cobertura do Derek Blasberg sobre o Rio


A cruel view of the beach from my hotel room.

The Brazilian fashion brand Osklen’s Oskar Metsavaht with the glamorous, gorgeous (and half Brazilian) Bianca Brandolini d’Abba.

One of the First Ladies of Brazil: Andrea Dellal, center, with her daughter Charlotte (of cult footwear label Charlotte Olympia) and her grandson Ray.

Indulging in some (very) fresh coconut water on Ipanema Beach with Alexia Niedzielski.

Honorary Brazilian Mario Testino (who is actually Peruvian) and me at dinner at the Fasano Hotel.

Popcorn from the street comes in the most adorable paper bags: “Feito con Amor,” which means “Made with Love” in Portuguese.


The offer was too good to turn down: Leave New York City in January, when it’s so cold that icicles form in people’s armpits, for the sunny shore of Rio de Janeiro during their South American summer. In my mind I was already packing before I had said yes. (Oh, that’s the other thing I love about going below the equator in January: I can wear my beloved warm weather-only fabric, seersucker.) The other bonuses? It was fashion week, which meant I got my runway fix, and fashion’s unofficial ambassadors Mario Testino, Andrea and Charlotte Dellal, Georgina and Bianca Brandolini, and Alexia Niedzielski were there too.

Our time there got off to a rocky start: It was grey, wet and rainy when we first arrived. I couldn’t help but think I had flown for 12 hours for spring showers. But no sooner had the mist cleared that the sun came out, and Rio de Janeiro shined in all its glory. There was a routine I wish we could duplicate at the New York and Paris fashion weeks: early breakfast, beach all day, shows all night, wrapped up with a few caipirinhas and (in my case) a pathetic attempt at salsa dancing before bed. The shows we saw were for the autumn season, which surprised me. Who knew that Brazilians thought about covering up in the winter months? But all that toned, tanned skin covered up was just a tease to come back when it’s time to see the summer looks. Oh, that’s the other good news: My book, Classy, will be translated into Portuguese and sold to these Brazilian beauties later this summer.” reprodução do site Nowmanifest